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Have you or a loved one been arrested and you don't know what to do next?

The experienced Attorney's at Singh Law Group can help you get through the process.  Remember you are Innocent until proven guilty!

You have Constitutional Rights that can not be taken away from you under any circumstance.  Singh Law Group will protect your rights and any violation of your rights will be a significant factor in your representation.

The specific charge the government decides to levy against our clients is not paramount in guiding our strategy as we believe a carefully crafted defense is superior to a reactionary one.

Singh Law Group will guide you through arrest, arraignments, bail hearings, your right to a speedy trial, evidence  motions, plea bargaining, and trial.

Regardless of whether you are in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, we offer free consultation. No strings attached. Speak to one of our lawyers and see what your options are before committing to anything.

Contact us today as time is of the essence in any criminal proceedings!

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