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Immigration law is a very specialized and difficult field of law.   Do you, your family members or friends fall under one of these categories:

      You want to be become a citizen of the United States?

      You want to bring a family member(s) from another country?

      You want to stop your deportation or removal proceedings?

      You want to seek asylum in the United States?

      You want to obtain your permanent resident status ("green card") and work permit?

      You want to come to the United States under a work related visa?

      You want to obtain a visa to study in the United States?

      You were a victim of domestic abuse or a crime and now are eligible for a green card?

If so, it is of critical importance that you have the the right law firm representing you and your loved ones. A firm that has actual experience handling all of these matters. A firm that is not afraid to represent you in Immigration proceedings before USCIS and in Court. Choosing the right law firm to represent you and your loved ones will greatly reduce the risk being forced to leave this country.


The attorneys at Singh Law Group are here to make sure that does not happen.  We are an experienced team of lawyers who can help with all of your immigration needs. Our attorneys have represented clients in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York. and can represent you and your family members in all 50 states.

We encourage you to trust in our experience and knowledge.

Contact us today at (516) 513- 0130 or send us a email at . We offer FREE immigration consultations.

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